Welcome to iLoveKickboxing Oregon City! We offer over 30 instructor-led, group kickboxing classes each week, designed to help people get into the best shape of their life. After opening in February of 2019, we have become one of the most popular fitness studios in the area.

At iLoveKickboxing Oregon City, we focus on giving you an awesome workout with an environment and community we promise you will love! Every class has variety of high-energy music as we have curated playlists designed to get you moving and keep you motivated through the entire workout. Our instructors are prepared to lead you to victory through this one hour class. In any given class, there may be up to 3 trainers with you on the mat! Think of it as a group-led personal training experience – for every single class you take. Our community is another of our highlights. Every month, we host a variety of challenges and events for our members. Not only do we like to work out, but we also like to have fun doing it!

Results – Not Excuses

We are a results-focused studio. Our classes are designed to help you burn 600-900 calories in each class and another 200 calories within an hour of leaving the studio! Coming to the studio 3x a week will help you shed about a pound of fat a week. If you want to trip up faster, we have a challenge designed just for you – it includes the perfect triad: fitness, nutrition, and accountability. Before taking your first class, you will have the chance to sit down with us and talk through the challenge and your goals. We are so excited to be part of your fitness journey!

Your First Class

We make sure to teach you correct form for every move we do! We’ve found that those with the best form get the best workout. Your first class will consist of a breakdown of our basic moves you will need for every class! Our instructors will be right there to provide any modifications you may need and tips for more power and speed.

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