Oregon City! You’ve heard about the insanely fun, calorie-crushing kickboxing fitness program from iLoveKickboxing, right?

It’s the most empowering, FUN workout, geared towards motivating you to take control over your waistline… and your life!

If you’re new to ILKB, fitness, or kickboxing in general, we got you! Below we’ll lay out everything you need to know for AWESOME results.

The hardest part is showing up, but you can do it!

All you need to do is walk through our door, and we’ll take care of the rest! We absolutely LOVE beginners and make things super fun and easy.

Here’s how the workout goes:

You’ll meet the team, strap on the gloves (did we mention they’re FREE right now?) and get right to business – calorie burning business that is.

First: The Warm-Up.


Designed to get your heart rate up, high energy music kicks you into full gear. Each day, you’ll run a little faster, jump a little higher and even squat a little lower with the help of a variety of cardio exercises you’ll grow to love.

Instructors will join you on the mat to ensure good form and provide help if needed. Before you know it, the warm up is over and you’re anxiously waiting for what comes next…

Second: The Stretch.

With your muscles warmed up this is the perfect opportunity to get them nice and loose. You’ll need it to avoid cramping and get those kicks nice and high.

Third: The Bag Workout.

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Let out the stress as you tear up that heavy bag!

Instructors teach proper form and combos that real fighters use in the ring. Resistance training with the heavy bag helps you build lean muscle faster and burn calories longer. Most members burn between 600-800 calories during class and continue to burn about 200 additional calories within an hour after class.

Lastly: The Cool Down

Here the instructor helps get your heart rate back to normal through a series of stretches.

After burning up tons of calories by the end of the workout, you’ll be drenched in sweat, and chomping at the bit to do it all over again!

If cutting edge nutritional guidance & heart-pounding, confidence boosting, FUN workouts are your kind of thing… then here’s how to get started.

To Get Started

Break up with boring GYM routines and schedule a free consultation with us!

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