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Meet our team of Instructors at iLoveKickboxing in Oregon City!

All of our instructors has been hand-picked because of their ability to teach you the art of Kickboxing.  But we didn’t stop there, each of our instructors works with our members to help them stay focused on their fitness goals. 

Each of our classes includes the right number of instructors on the mat with you during class. At ILKB Oregon City we have a very high customer service goal with each of our members. We are on the mat with you, pushing you to burn as many calories as possible during the warm-up and to help you develop the best technique when you’re doing the bag rounds.

If you have ever paid for a Personal Training session, you know these sessions often cost $75 to $250 an hour to have a training with you for an hour. People routinely pay these prices because they know the chances of hitting your fitness goals when you have a trainer is 83% higher than without one. 

At ILKBOC, our Personal Training experience is included in every class you take. Our members experience great results because of our ability to give them a personal training experience during every single class.

Here are real comments from our members in Oregon City:

“I can’t recommend iLoveKickboxing enough! It is so much fun! The workouts are great and the instructors are the BEST! Every single one of them is so positive, encouraging, friendly, and helpful. I’ve taken around 40 classes over the past 2 months and I never get bored of them and always look forward to them! In that time I have also lost 20lbs, for a total of almost 35. Such a great workout! It is also a great stress relief. DJ nights are also a lot of fun.”

Ashley Bjork

“I am an overall shy person who loves people but I am also too nervous to strike up the first conversation. I was anxious walking into my first class but the second I did I no longer felt uneasy. The instructors are very inviting and take the pressure off of feeling “new”. Plus, the workout is great! I started thinking I have a fair amount or exercise since I work on my feet and after my first class I realized nah, it’s on the needs work scale.
*The music is fun as well keeps your mind off the timer* “

Felicia Bays

“I absolutely LOVE ILKB Oregon City! Everyone who enters becomes your family and friends! Yes, they will send you a FB friend request! They want to get to know you! Be able to add you to the VIP FB page! All great things so that they and other members can encourage you to reach your goals!!! Burning 400+ calories a class is a great motivator to keep going, each class you feel the improvement! Totally signed up thinking I’m not a gym person, I’ll maybe go 1-2X a week… I’ve been a member for about 2 months now, I’m in the studio 5 times a week average!!! I was one of the first several people to be able to sign the 25 classes sign! It’s been a privilege to be a part of this community! Come say hi to me or anyone else out on the mat! I’m “Mrs. Smith” on the heartrate board!!! I’m going to look absolutely fabulous in my wedding dress next year!!!”

Sharie Krouse

” Amazing trainers that truly care about you and your improvement. The community of members is so supportive and encouraging. Most importantly: it’s the most fun kick in the butt ever. I see myself (and others) improving all the time. 100% worth it”

Sadie Hayhurst

I haven’t worked out in 17 years and in the past I really just hated doing it but now I cant wait to go to classes every week at least 4times!! I love kickboxing in Oregon city is an amazing place to get in shape, have a blast and so many great trainers and friends that workout their! I 100% recommend that if you are looking for a fun place to get in shape or just want to have fun come join us!! All are welcome! I have joined gyms in the past and never went because I didn’t feel comfortable being their but I promise you, this place is not a typical gym! We are a family! It is amazing!!”

Stacy Feb

“Oregon City Peeps! only POSITIVITY from the instructors. They are genuine with there encouragement! everything we do is what I have already done at other bootcamps here in town BUT Friendly Positive Coaches! I Love Kickboxing is where it’s at! “

Alissa Herrle
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